Remobilization Committee

The Remobilization Committee was formed to act as an umbrella organization to oversee the revitalization of Elliot Lake following the collapse of the Algo Centre Mall.  The Committee's goals were to reestablish the services that were lost, restore the retail sector and maintain the importance of our downtown core.

Following the temporary relocation of displaced services and businesses and the formation of the Elliot Lake Centre for Development, the Committee met its objectives and disbanded.  Ongoing services are now being handled by appropriate agencies and through the Elliot Lake Centre for Development and associated offices.

The Remobilization Committee released newsletters informing the public of the ongoing status of work being carried out in the community.  These reports are linked below.  You may also wish to visit the Elliot Lake Centre for Development web site for information on services provided.

Working Together - Anniversary Edition

Remobilization Report - November 2012

Remobilization Report - September 2012

Remobilization Report - August 2012