Ride Elliot Lake!

In Elliot Lake, we open our doors to motorcyclist.  Not only do we offer some of the greatest rides in the North, but our businesses cater to their biker friends.  With easy access and safe parking, Elliot Lake's establishments are a great stop during the ride or at the end of the day.

But what about the roads...

Well, Elliot Lake is in the heart of the Deer Trail - one of Ontario's most scenic driving tours.  It offers some great terrain on completely hard surfaced roads and, better yet, has some of the best scenery anywhere.  In fact, many compare the scenery that makes up the Deer Trail to that of the Agawa Tour Train - only you get to enjoy it on your terms.

The Deer Trail Touring Route is a 220 kilometre route that takes you north of Elliot Lake on various old highways.  Scenery includes the rapids of Little White and the White River, immense rock cliffs, numerous old style bridges and, simply put, the impressive landscape.  This is truly a unique journey to enjoy from Elliot Lake.