Snowmobile Elliot Lake!
Ontario's best stay & ride destination.

Elliot Lake is truly at the centre of Ontario's snowmobile heartland.  With one of the longest snowmobile seasons in Ontario, there is no lack of snow.  And trails are our specialty. 

Why are our trails so good?  it's quite simple actually.

The City of Elliot Lake invests more into our snowmobile product than any other community in the Province by financially supporting our local snowmobile club - the Elliot Lake Snowbirds - and supporting everything that they do.  There's little secret why Elliot Lake's trails are regarded as the best year after year.

On top of that, Elliot Lake is surrounded by wilderness with almost no privately owned land to speak of.  You're either in the City or out exploring.  There is no in between.

Riding in Elliot Lake is safe and convenient.

Because we have so much public land around us, there is no need to venture far from the City to seek wilderness.  In fact, within the City limits alone, we have over 150 kilometres of groomed trail - not to mention over 1,000 lakes and thousands of kilometres of wilderness and portage trails.

And Elliot Lake is at the intersection of TOP D, TOP F and one of Northern Ontario's best
kept secrets - EL3.  That means you can leave and return to Elliot Lake in 5 different directions.

Best of all, every snowmobile friendly business in the City is connected to the TOP trail system by groomed trail.  Where else will you find that?

And it gets better...

Each of these trails loops back to the City, providing you with more looped trails than anywhere in Ontario.  The best part is, our neighbouring communities are also as snowmobile friendly as we are, so when you venture off for the day, we know we're sending you into good hands.  This is truly a snowmobiler's paradise.

There are several trail loops around Elliot Lake that are ideal for day trips, with riders rarely having to travel the same trail twice. 

For a list of some of these loops, click here.


For detailed snowmobile information and trail conditions for Elliot Lake and the Algoma region,
visit the Algoma Sno-Plan Affiliation website (click here).

For local hotel information, visit our Accommodations section.

For general tourism and community information, contact the
Elliot Lake Welcome Centre at 1-800-661-6192.


SnowTrax TV visited Elliot Lake for some early season riding.  Click here to link to the SnowTrax Video portal and watch the episode.